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If you want to look through the MindEd e-learning, arranged by topic or theme, please go to the MindEd Overview.

MindEd is an enormous undertaking and would have not been possible without the support and enthusiasm of many, many people, to whom we say Thank You!

The MindEd team would like to support your study day, attend your conference and/or lead a  workshop to support the development of best practice in child mental health.  In 2015 we have attended / will be attending the following events:

  • RCPCH Annual Conference, Birmingham
  • RCN Congress, Bournemouth
  • RCN School Nurses Conference, London
  • NHS Innovation Expo, Manchester
  • Increasing access to mental health care, Kings Fund London Tier 4 Teachers (CAMHS) Study Day, Birmingham NAHT Education conference, Manchester Improving mental health outcomes for children and young people, Kings Fund London
  • PACEY: Supporting wellbeing in early years, York

If you would like to talk to the MindEd team about supporting your event, please email minded@rcpch.ac.uk


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What is MindEd?

boy on ladderMindEd offers free, completely open access, online education in over 300 topics. Our e-learning is applicable to a wide range of learners across the health, social care, education, criminal justice and community settings.

Our aim is to provide simple, clear guidance on children and young people's mental health, wellbeing and development to any adult working with children, young people and families, to help them support the development of young healthy minds.

We have created bite sized chunks of 'e-learning' that help adults to support wellbeing and identify, understand and support children and young people with mental health issues.

There are also a number of specialist learning frameworks e.g.

Counselling MindEd: offers accessible, engaging e-learning to trainee and practising counsellors who want to work with children, young people and young adults, or who already do so. Counselling MindEd is not intended as a substitute for face-to-face learning but as a supplement to it.

Specialist CAMHS (Entry Level): aimed at anyone starting to work in child mental health. It introduces some of the major presentations seen in specialist and targeted CAMHS and describes the processes involved in specialist CAMHS assessments. More advanced users will also find topics of interest.

Specialist CAMHS (Therapeutic Approaches)
for those enrolled in CYP IAPT programmes in parent training or systemic family practice. It is also relevant to specialist and targeted CAMHS clinicians, counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals.

Specialist CAMHS (Leadership) for those enrolled in CYP IAPT programmes in leadership training. It is also relevant to specialist and targeted CAMHS clinicians, counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals

In addition MindEd also provides a state of the art evidence based review of e-therapies. This comprehensive report and its recommendations, is based on an international review using NICE approved methodologies. A digest of the findings, along with the full report, is available at the e-Therapies Review page.

'Three-quarters of adult mental disorders are in evidence by the age of 21, but three quarters of children and young people with these disorders are not detected or treated... ...It is clear that effective early intervention can be essential in preventing the development of ill health and disability'

(Chief Medical Officer's annual report 2012: Our Children Deserve Better: Prevention Pays)



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Who and What is it for?

MindEd will help you become informed and better equipped when dealing with children and young people.

It is aimed at anyone working or volunteering regularly with children or young people, 0-18 years of age. There are a range of materials extending from the general level to more specialised levels. The majority of children develop healthy minds and bodies, but it helps us to help them if we understand better what is healthy, how to support good health and what needs closer attention.

two brothers

All of the e-learning topics in MindEd can be completed as a ‘one off’ or ‘stand-alone’ learning experience. Alternatively, you can sign up to the MindEd learning community and complete several sessions or begin a learning path. Creating an account means that your activity will be recorded in a personal learning account.

It also means you have the option to print certificates to evidence your learning.

The more actively you reflect on the cases and different learning materials in MindEd, the better equipped you will become to support the development of young healthy minds.

If you are aware of a child or young person at serious risk of harm you should contact your local support services immediately.

The evidence for e-based therapies: As part of the MindEd programme the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health was commissioned to carry out the UK's first ever comprehensive systematic review of e-Therapies and computer-based applications (free and paid-for services) for the prevention and treatment of mental health problems and substance misuse in children and young people. The results of this research, including the full report, can be found on the e-Therapies Review page.

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Top 10 benefits for learners

  • Increased awareness and understanding of child mental health;
  • Confidence to tackle challenging situations positively by identifying and using creative problem solving skills and techniques;
  • Developed by a multi-disciplinary panel of experts in the field of child mental health;
  • Credible, high quality learning resources to challenge and inspire;
  • Supported by a consortium of well-respected partner organisations;
  • Easy to use: with stand-alone modules that can be grouped for their relevance to you and your situation;
  • A range of real life case studies are used to inform your learning;
  • Flexible approach, learn at your pace when and where you like;
  • Free to register and learn;
  • Certificates can be printed as proof of completion.

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How do I register?

Register here to access your personalised learning plan.

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Counselling Children and Young People: A Client Study: “A very good on-line course.  A must for all who work with children and young people.”

children socialisingApplying the Law“This has confirmed how delicate the law is around counselling children and young people and also how important it is to have a working knowledge of statutory guidance on safeguarding, child protection and information sharing.”

Safeguarding: “ have completed four of your courses online already....they are brilliant and I have recommended them to colleagues and fellow students and even my lecturer!!  Please can you add a facebook share please and also perhaps get yourselves a way of sharing this training in LinkedIn as it is GOLDEN!”

MindEd: “I like the way MinEd is set up. I am not great on a computer but found the system easy to use. I have completed my foundation levels and increased my understanding of how mental health has an effect on children and young people. It has made me change my way of questioning students. I cant wait to do some more reading at a higher level.”

Self-harm and Risky Behaviour:“Really thorough Course. Very informative and it seemed designed for practitioners like myself who need to be able to understand prevalence and what to do when we suspect a young person is self-harming.”

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Who is behind MindEd?

Minded was developed by a consortium of partner organisations and funding by the Department of Health. 

The e-learning content has been written and edited by leading experts from the UK and internationally.  We are confident that the learning materials represent the very best advice and knowledge, presented in an easily digested, engaging and practical way.

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Contact us and keep in touch

father and sonIf you would like to know more about MindEd, or offer feedback on the programme we would love to hear from you!

Please email the Programme Manager, Keith Chambers: minded@rcpch.ac.uk

You can also sign up to receive email updates on MindEd  

If you are having problems either creating an account or logging on to the platform please email the technical support team: minded.enquiries@e-lfh.org.uk

Media enquiries

If you have a media enquiry which relates to MindEd, please contact the RCPCH’s press office:

Emily Arkell, Head of Media and External Affairs (interim - maternity cover) emily.arkell@rcpch.ac.uk / 020 7092 6005

If you have an out of hours media enquiry please call 07837 973 413

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